Tips For Creating A Tropical Feeling Garden in the UK Climate

Returning from our tropical holidays, many people wish that they could recreate that tropical paradise feel in their own back garden. The truth is that your tropical garden dreams could be more realistic than you imagine. While many tropical plants will, of course, not survive in the UK climate, there are still plenty of plants that can be used alongside other features to give your garden a tropical feel. Here are some tips for creating a tropical feeling garden in the UK climate:

Tropical Garden St IvesCreate a Warm, Sheltered Microclimate

Before you begin creating your tropical garden in the UK, it is worthwhile considering the limitations and potential of the site at your disposal. Consider ways in which you may be able to improve the local microclimate and increase the range of plants that you are able to grow. Dense hedging or new garden walls or fences could help to protect your garden from wind and make it a more sheltered spot. Removing certain existing foliage could open up more sunny areas and raise the temperatures in the space.

Tree fernChoose Plants with Large Leaves and Dense Foliage for a Jungle Feel

Even in the UK, there are plenty of plants that give a tropical feel and yet are able to withstand our much cooler climate. Choosing large, impressive plants such as palms and tree ferns, and other large-leaved plants can help to give a tropical, jungle-like feel and instantly change the look and feel of your garden.

Living wallAdd to the Dense, Jungle Like Feel With a Living Wall

Lush, dense planting is great for evoking a tropical feel, and you can make your garden feel even more lush and jungle-like by planting a living wall with ferns and other plants. The dense, green foliage can help to give the sense of the tropics here in the UK. It is also a great way to make the most of small spaces.

Tropical colourAdd Bold Splashes of Colour

While different foliage is definitely a key factor in creating the tropical feel, don't forget to include a few blooms too. While many tropical flowers are not hardy enough to withstand the UK climate, many bold, bright flowers can help to add to the tropical feel – even temperate climate plants that do not grow in the tropics can give a jungle feel when used in the right places and in the right combinations.

Rainbow showerAdd an Outdoors Shower For Tropical Luxury

It is not just the planting that will help create a tropical feel in your garden. Other details, too, can help to give the feeling of warmer climes. Choose dark woods (sustainably sourced) for fencing or furniture, and consider other luxurious tropical features, such as waterfalls and pools, or even an outdoors shower with hot water powered by solar panels.

Small details can all add up. Layer up tropical (and tropical feel) planting and pay attention to paths, furniture and other features too, to turn your garden into a tropical feeling idyll in the UK.